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Diseño de interiores

Interior design and architecture
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We are a company focused on interior design and architecture, improvement, embellishment and harmony of spaces, following the latest trends, optimizing resources in a sustainable manner.

The main objective of K-AZA Design + Interior Architecture is the full satisfaction of the client as well as the aesthetic and structural functionality of each project.

We convert your ideas into the best solutions to achieve your housing goals.

We adapt and personalize your spaces, so that those who inhabit it, identify with what you want to transmit, creating pleasant experiences for both our customers and the people in their environment.

Diseño de interiores



K-AZA Design + Interior Architecture was founded in 2012 based in Mexico City.

Azarischah, our founder, believes in the power of interiors to transform everyday life. With a master's degree in Interior Design, graduated from Motolinia del Pedregal University and a well-trained eye for dimensions, quality, craftsmanship, furniture and textiles, she continues to be recognized for her fresh and timeless style with designs that are maintained at the forefront year after year.

"Aza", as most people say, is known for creating spaces that are sober and at the same time functional, friendly and beautiful. Each project responds to the interests, travel and lifestyle of its clients; It adapts to each decorative style with a touch that lasts over time. She prides herself on her attention to detail, obsession with quality and love for Mexican artisans.


We can intervene at any stage in which your project is located since not only the interior design is our specialty but also the restoration and repair of areas and buildings visually, structurally and / or architecturally.


K-AZA Design + Interior Architecture understands the importance of your spaces and we know how to empower them to obtain as a result a harmonious, functional and aesthetic environment.

We create environments that capture your senses balancing lighting, colors and textures, which provoke transcendent experiences and reflect that unique personality that each of our clients gives you by participating in the creative process with their ideas.


From the blueprint of your dream space, to the last detail of your project with turnkey.

We structure and / or restructure your spaces with a strategic planning from the point of view of architecture and design, optimizing spaces to enhance your well-being and development of your quality of life.

Comprehensive solutions for preventive and / or corrective maintenance of your property.


Our designers and suppliers work with unique pieces and articles for the creation of original spaces.

We manufacture 100% ergonomic furniture, with exclusive designs and top quality finishes in customized modules according to your needs.


Constant advice in terms of interior design, architecture, planning, projection, construction, remodeling, placement of accessories, finishes and furniture.

This service is charged per hour.


We take care of the staging of your property for sale or rent.

With a minimum budget we enhance the benefits of your real estate to make a difference with your competition ensuring a dynamic real estate movement.


We plan, design and preserve your green areas and gardens following the latest trends and taking advantage of the latest botanical discoveries.



Diseño de interiores

Personal attention

We are aware of your requirements in each and every one of the stages of your projects

Diseño de interiores

Exclusive design

Both your spaces and the articles and furniture that complement them

Diseño de interiores


Your time is a priority for us

Diseño de interiores


The passion for what we do is our greatest source of inspiration

Diseño de interiores


Constant training in each of the areas of our services

Diseño de interiores


Our greatest satisfaction is to make your plans and projects a reality and guarantee

Diseño de interiores


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